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Curative Curators @ Stokey School

So Thursday got off to a fine start with the beginning of the Creative Curators project @ Stoke Newington school. I worked with two Year 9 English groups, using objects as a stimulus to create stories relating to the genre of Dystopian Fiction. Which was lucky as I LOVE Dystopian Fiction...

The students brought objects relating to the theme of 'home' which I used to begin a story...

2 hours later and we had two separate stories created in collaboration with the young people. I created the skeleton to begin our Dystopian narrative and they added the flesh. I can't reveal too much just yet but check out our beginning:

Safra pulled her furry hood tighter across her face to shield her from the icy wind that snatched at her cheeks with cold fingers.

She quickened her pace, footsteps ringing out with a metallic clang across the empty grey street.

In her narrow corridor, between towering steel buildings that punctured the clouds, hundreds of pairs of eyes followed her every step. Smiling faces beamed down at her from screens attached to the buildings at every level, staring at her with eerily blank expressions.

Next week I'll provide an ending to the story, which the young people will critique and provide a response to. I'll post our creative discoveries up here.

Needless to say, I can't wait to get back in the classroom and see what we cook up together!

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