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Once Upon a Time...

Storytelling in London and beyond

I'm obsessed with stories. I use different media to tell them, whether writing in books, playscripts, theatre or animation. I find oral storytelling one of the most exciting and vital ways to tell different stories. 
I have told stories in schools, libraries, tents, caravans, forests, pubs, bookshops and museums. I enjoy telling my own stories, as well as traditional tales from various cultures.
My style is comic, irreverent and accessible, yet always performed with respect to an original text or source. My stories are immersive and interactive, occasionally with a filmic flavour. 

See below for some audio versions of my storytelling. 


The Gigantic Giant and the Gullible Girl, devised with Darren Clark. First performed at Pegasus Theatre, directed by Katie Boon. 

Anansi and the Basket of Stories commissioned by The Story Museum, Oxford. Available in print in 26 Characters: celebrating childhood story heroes

For bookings and commissions, please contact me



"A wonderfully engaging storyteller, propelling the audience into the world of the story with an infectious enthusiasm."

Joseph Coelho, Poet, Author and Playwright. Children's Laureate 2022

Performing Paint Peerer's Tales by Joseph Coelho at V&A Museum
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