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I write stories, playscripts, sketches and various bits and pieces in between. Here's a sample of some of my work below.

Represented by JBR Creative Management

Cable Street

@ Southwark Playhouse Feb - March 2024

With Tim Gilvin (music and lyrics). Produced by 10to4 Productions, directed by Adam Lenson

It’s October 1936 in the heart of London’s East End. 

Sammy, Mairead and Ron are carving out their own futures on Cable Street when Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists start to march on East London. 

Half a million Jews, Irish workers and communists unite to blockade the road they call home. 

As the people raise their voices and take a united stand against hatred, the lives of the streets’ residents are changed forever.

Featuring a contemporary score, Cable Street is an electrifying reimagining of one of London’s most significant days.

A celebration of community and a rallying call to action, this timeless story is as powerful today as it ever was.

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The Boy and The Mermaid

Developed with Paper Balloon Theatre, the piece has toured to 27 venues around the UK 2017 - 2020. 

On the farthest edge of a wind-battered rock there sits a small fishing town. Sometimes it feels like the town is on the edge of the world…

Join three shanty-mad fishermen as they weave a fishy tale of musical merfolk, menacing monsters and spectacularly bad town planning.



The Story of the Breaker Makers

This story was commissioned by Sutton House, Hackney to celebrate the public opening of the Breaker's Yard.


Did you know there's an underground river that runs from Clissold Park to Clapton?


But that's not the secret bit... 

Anansi and the Basket of Stories in 26 Characters: Celebrating Childhood Story Heroes

This classic trickster tale of how Anansi the Spider became keeper of stories was commissioned by the Story Museum as part of their exhibition in 2014. It was published in a collection the same year. What a privilege to have my writing included alongside some of my favourite writers of all time! You can order copies of the book here. 

To hear a recorded version of the story, check out my storytelling page 


Once, there were no stories in the world. Anansi the Spider Man decided that he would like to buy some. So he climbed to the top of the very tallest mountain, and shouted up at the sky.


Night Light 

I wrote this piece for Paper Balloon Theatre's first production. An original piece of theatre for young audiences, it was created in a collaboration with a group of deviser-performers and a director: a very interesting process that I continue to enjoy working with. 


For more info on this production, please visit the Paper Balloon website



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